YLVIS album release

November 2014 - release of Ylvis' first CD: VOLUME 1

- We always believed that you had to be musicians to release an album. But now we found the rules to have become softer around the edges, Bård says.

Their first album is called VOLUME 1. Primarily released in Norway, with 8 English songs and 2 in Norwegian. Five of the songs are produced by Norwegian LA-based producers, Stargate.

New music video, INTOLERANT: http://youtu.be/AGHT-PpRFE0

Get the physical album here: http://www.ylvisstore.com/ylvis-volume-1

Download here:

iTunes http://smarturl.it/YlvisVolume1
Spotify http://smarturl.it/YlvisVolume1S
Google play http://smarturl.it/YlvisVolume1G 

Follow YLVIS on www.facebook.com/Ylvis 


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